An Advice to Keep in Mind Before Opting for Web Hosting

We can look at web hosting in many ways. I like to look at it as an investment and I encourage you to do the same.

Imagine buying a car – although we buy used cars, we want to buy the best car possible for our needs, because we rely on it. Buying a car is a serious investment, web hosting on the other hand is usually in the range of lunch money yet so many people still want to save on it, while their business relies on it so much.

The New Approach

At Hosting Hub I like to preach that web hosting should be treated as an investment because we’re not investing into web hosting with it but we’re investing in our business, and this is the key point.

If we can look at it from the point of view of our business and not an additional liability, we’re willing to spend a little more on it and enjoy the benefits that this will bring.

Because in web hosting, it’s not the same as it is with our utility suppliers. We get the same electricity if we choose a different supplier, even though prices might be different. In that case we usually go for the better offer i.e. the cheaper one (unless we want green supply).

In web hosting our baseline is not the price. We certainly shouldn’t overlook price, but it definitely shouldn’t be the factor with the highest priority, as we usually get what we pay for.

I’d recommend the following points as the basis for evaluation of a web host:

  1. Value (look for the general opinion of users, bloggers, features, support)
  2. Price
  3. User friendliness/flexibility

In the first and last point basically everything is included – speed, reliability, uptime, support etc.

The Next Step

If we want extraordinary results, we have to do extraordinary things. This seems to explain the simplest way to success in all areas of life. In this case that would mean reading web hosting reviews like this one on A2hosting, which is really detailed and up to date.

Take your focus off the price and focus on the value as it is mentioned in the above article for example, but there is ton of great advice online nowadays, so make sure you get your information from several sources.

Good luck with your online endeavours!

Inmotion Hosting Review – The New Way of Web Hosting

Inmotion has defined the new way of hosting websites that attract more traffic from the search engines and help the owners to make more money. It is now necessary for every business to have an online presence for more people to know about the products and services offered.

Having your website hosted by a reputable web hosting company like Inmotion gives internet users and your audience an opportunity to discover new things about you and your business.

Enterprise Web Hosting

Enterprise Web Hosting is one of the hosting packages offered by Inmotion. It comes with unlimited domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth, spam prevention measures, unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited FTP accounts, dedicated IP address, daily remote backups, unlimited subdomain hosting and many other resources to ensure that your websites are running correctly.

Though your websites will be sharing the server with several other clients, Inmotion does not overload the servers to profit itself. The most important thing is the satisfaction of clients.

The price of Enterprise Web Hosting 2.0 is $14.97 per month if making payments every month. However, the best thing is to go for the triennial plan where the monthly cost is just $9.97, giving you savings of $5 every month.

That is the plan that most people go for. A good thing about the plan is that you will be given a free domain name with the 3-year plan. That is another value of $10 for you. Inmotion also has annual and biennial payment’s plans which also come with free domains for you.

Reseller Hosting

Inmotion also provides a reseller hosting plan, which gives you the opportunity to have your own hosting company, and start making money. There are several reviews that praise Inmotion, including This hosting gives you the security, management tools and flexibility to sell web hosting packages to others who need to host their websites.

You are free to set the pricing, packages, and features of the plans to be resold. The plan also comes with WebHost Manager (WHM) through which your Reseller accounts can be managed through a single web-based panel.

If you don’t want to run a web hosting company, the reseller account can also be used to manage multiple sites. There are many people with hundreds of websites in various niches. A shared hosting does not have the resources, bandwidth and disk space for such a number; therefore, the best way to go is through the reseller hosting.

The reseller hosting from Inmotion is the cheapest in the industry if you consider the cool features provided. The price ranges from $22.95 to $147 a month depending on the disk space and bandwidth. However, all packages come with the ability to host unlimited domains, subdomains, MySQL databases, email accounts, FTP accounts and private nameservers.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Inmotion has a Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting plan for those who need maximum VPS processing power, disk space and memory. Inmotion has the main goal of building virtual private servers which deliver maximum performance for every dollar you pay. VPS hosting gives you the experience of a dedicated hosting paying for a shared hosting. That is a great thing for those who cannot pay for a dedicated hosting.

The cost of using VPS ranges from $19.95 to $79.95 every month depending on the processors, memory, disk space and transfer. Most people buy the Xen12288 plan of $79.95 per month because it comes with a disk space of 320 GB and 12 GB memory. This is a great thing for those managing multiple websites and special applications.

Dedicated Servers

If you want more for less, the Inmotion dedicated server hosting is the best for you. A dedicated server makes you to operate in your own world and in your own way. This means that you are given a dedicated server – it will not be shared with other clients; there will be no server breakdown due to overload; you are free to have as many sites hosted as you want; and you will operate with your unique DNS.

The price of Inmotion dedicated server ranges from $297 to $597 depending on the processor. For the $297 per month hosting, the company has single processor servers, and you can select from 4 to 8 cores, while you have a RAM of up to 64GB. Inmotion also provides multiple processor servers from those paying $397 and $597 per month. You can select from 16 to 32 cores with RAM of up to 128GB.

Inmotion Creates the Path to Success for Your Online Business

Inmotion should be your choice if you are looking for a good web hosting company. You will be given attention by a team of RHCSA Certified System Administrators available round-the-clock. You will never be kept waiting on the line, because you will be attended to within 15 minutes initiating a chat session. Inmotion counts on a high-speed Internet connection and space for your website and applications to have access to the web. The web hosting company has backbone connectivity with an exclusive use of Cisco for different routing/switching solutions. The facility of Inmotion makes use of multi-gigabit connectivity to the backbone providers such as Level3, Savvis, Global Crossing and Cogent.

Inmotion works with multiple backbone providers and redundant 22-ton Liebert HVAC systems to ensure a reputable and stable network and power infrastructure. To prevent loss of your data, the company also diesel-powered generator and full UPS backup systems. Therefore, the Data Center makes your websites to be running 24/7/365 without interruption.

Simpsons Pirate must pay Damages of CAD 7 Million

The Federal Court in Toronto condemned the previous two Web site operators to pay compensation of 10 million Canadian dollars. The condemned man had integrated episodes of the animated series “The Simpsons” and “Family guy” via external player  on his web sites. The operator had launched “Watch The Simpsons Online” and “Watch Family Guy online ‘ in 2008 and 2009.

In 2008, a domain was confiscated after first legal battles. Also the streaming web host had to be replaced several times. Web hosts like FatCow actively remove any copyright infringing content. There are some great articles on about how web hosts deal with this issue. In 2010, the American film Association MPAA issued the first injunctions.

eyesThe total set recently by the Federal Court is composed of the 10 million Canadian dollars compensation, 80,000 Canadian dollars for the costs of proceedings and 500,000 Canadian dollars of fine together.

Because the operator has benefited directly from the advertising revenue, it played a minor role for the Court apparently, whether the works on its own servers were kept. According to the plaintiff’s law firm, the judgment to deterrent affect possible culprit with commercial intentions.

The former operator announced the rights holder Fox will collect the money by any means, which is why a personal bankruptcy was reported. “They have ruined my life and won’t let me and my family alone. You have killed a fly with a nuclear bomb”, the man told the Torrentfreak magazine.

Multiple Vs. Single Data Centered Web Hosts

Traditional or standard web hosting ususally works with one data center, serving all the visitors, thus rquests from that one source. This means, that no matter where you are, you are getting the data from that data center, so if you’re far, you will experience slowness thus the user experience is somewhat worse.

Web hosting has improved a lot in recent years, technically and conceptionally. For the usage of several data centers, both improvements were necesarry, but at the core, using multiple data centers is a very simple thought yet it is very effective in bettering website speed. Although it is not yet a very common technique in the web hosting industry to use several data centers, some use it, as long as I can see, those are gaining an advantage on the market, simply because all aspect of the hosting serice becomes better, and customers love that. I read an article the other day, and that got me thinking. That host is really on top, and what is the main difference between this and other on the market? Of course the people who manage it, but in the service I saw that they offer a so called Max Speed Zone, which is about using multiple data centers. They use other techniues too (like peering), but this is a key movement.

So, what can we and hosts learn from this experience? Well, those who use this technique, are gaining significant advantage over others, so it would be beneficial to companies to try and develop their systems in ways that they can keep up with the market leaders, and not just provide a standard service and try to maximize profits, because this passive behaviour will hit back somewhere along the line.